Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first of the digital currencies to have entered the crypto world in 2009 and since then it has gained in popularity slowly but steadily. It facilitates cross-border money transfers seamlessly without third parties. To buy Bitcoins or sell Bitcoins you will need a platform or an exchange. The Bitcoin exchange works like a marketplace where it is possible to buy Bitcoins against fiat currencies like the USD and other crypto coins. All Bitcoin exchanges will have their individual features and pricing systems. You must consider many factors like ease-of-use, payment methods, reliability and reputation, security, range of cryptos, etc before choosing an exchange. For knowing about the trading platforms, you can have a quick glance at the page , which contains details about one of the most legit and trustworthy trading app.

Top crypto exchanges to buy Bitcoins:

  1. Coinbase is an excellent exchange to buy your Bitcoins because it supports multiple currencies, is known for its high-end security, and charges nominal fees. Coinbase has been a California-based exchange that boasts of a solid track record and caters to 35 million and more verified users. Users can store their assets safely in offline storage. While Coinbase may charge different kinds of fees these are disclosed upfront every time you engage in transactions. If you are an advanced user you can switch to Coinbase Pro that comes with its own pricing system. Download Bitcoin System if you have plans of using autonomous trading platforms.
  2. eToro is a platform suited for beginners because it is easy-to-use and it allows you to use some practice accounts for testing out how to buy Bitcoin where you do not have to risk real money. You can use the practice account offering you $100,000 as virtual cash for you to test your strategies. You can learn how to trade better from other eToro users. EToro is perfect for those who want a focused platform allowing them to buy a crypto coin and learn about crypto trading in the process. Once you are comfortable after having traded with demo accounts you can switch to live trades.
  3. Robinhood is popular as a Bitcoin exchange because of its commission-free Bitcoin trades. It works like a stock trading platform and when you already have prior experience in investing in the stock market, buying Bitcoins here should be easy.
  4. Coinmama: This platform provides for instant Bitcoin purchases and there are high limits and multiple payment options. When you buy Bitcoins it can be delivered to any wallet. The account setting up process and verification is quick. You may use debit or credit cards for buying any of the 9 crypto coins here. As soon as you place orders, your funds are verified at once with the linked card by the exchange and the crypto you selected is then deposited into your wallet.
  5. BlockFi is a platform that is popular for borrowing and interests. It can convert your cryptos into bankable assets. You can borrow Bitcoins as collateral to get loans in USD. There are no additional fees for trades. So, for people who may own many Bitcoins and wish to do something more other than just selling those, BlockFi is a good option to consider. You get to earn interests after deposition your Bitcoins into an account.

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